CM Storm Stryker Review

Today, presents a test of the CM Storm Stryker Big Tower from Cooler Master. Who associates the word Stryker with a 8×8 multifunction armored vehicle from the U.S. Army is not so wrong. But until we get one of those to make a test, we present you a much more interesting product from Cooler Master – the CM Storm Stryker Big Tower – which received our Overclocking Dream Award 01/2014. Together with his brother CMStorm Trooper Cooler Master wants … Continue reading CM Storm Stryker Review

Xigmatek Prime SD1484 Reader Review

Today, we present a new reader review at This time, the reader Hattiro tested the Xigmatek Prime SD1484 CPU cooler. So let us take a look at the results of the Xigmatek Prime SD1484. And in the interactive fit for fan guide, you can listen to the sound of this cooler with one or two fans and you can virtually measure its size on different motherboards. Here is the Xigmatek Prime SD1484 reader review.