Arctic Accelero Hybrid III-140 Review

Result and general impression …


The Arctic Accelero Hybrid III-140 gives us a hard time giving a straight conclusion.

Firstly we have to recognize that Arctic is doing pioneering in the sector of GPU all-in-one cooling solution, even though neither cooling system nor main fan seems to be developed by Arctic themselves. Because of the variety of graphic card models it’s hard for manufacturers to supply preferably universal kits and therefore they have to compromise. We felt that during installation.

A possible solution for Arctic would be to concentrate on high-end video cards for this kind of cooling solution, because these models will profit the most by this kind of cooling. This way Arctic could supply solutions which are tailored to a specific card and therefore easy to install.

But with regard to cooling the Accelero Hybrid III-140 is uncompromising, even high-end cards could keep their winter coat on!

If Arctic also supplied a different pump connector this hybrid solution could also be silent in idle. Do-it-yourselfer could install a potentiometer to still achieve this goal.

In the end you have to ask yourself if this kind of product is really needed. Modern video cards with several 10cm fans usually also achieve acceptable temperatures without making much noise. Even GPU overclocking is mostly not a matter of temperature. But if you need more cooling power anyways and don’t want to install a full sized water cooling circuit you can in good faith look for Arctics solution.

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