Arctic Freezer 13 X Review

Layout, design and features …

The Arctic Freezer A13X is a compact heat pipe tower cooler with 3 heat pipes. The 92mm fan is embedded in a black cover, which partially covers the cooler from the side and completely from above.

The rear view shows us how the heat pipes run and the 4-pin PWM connection of the fan.

The Direct Touch Heatpipes on the cooler floor are protected with a plastic cover this time, as Arctic ships the Freezer A13X with pre-applied MX-2 thermal compound.

This is what the front of the cooler looks like when you remove the fan. This is easy to do because it is only clipped on the side.

The fan itself or the complete black radiator cover is a part, which means that in case of a defect you could not retrofit a commercially available 92mm fan. A rubber buffer is attached to the fan hub for decoupling.

Since the thermal paste was pre-applied, we only looked at the cooler base after the test. We therefore ask to excuse minor scratches or similar. The cooler base is otherwise nice and smooth and passably polished. The direct-touch heat pipes fit nicely and there are only minimal grooves between the heat pipes and the rest of the base.

We also created a 360 degree view of the Arctic Freezer A13X so that no detail is lost.


Arctic Freezer A13X Installation …