CH Products Pro Pedals USB Review

CH Products Pro Pedals USB Tested

CH Products Pro Pedals USB Setup and Test Results …

After connecting, the pedals were immediately recognized and installed and are fully operational. And where could we try the USB Pro Pedals better than in the most demanding flight simulator currently affordable for home users …

We are talking about the simulator A10-C Warthog DCS series from Eagle Dynamics.

Gaming test with Combat Simulator A-10C Warthog …

In this simulator virtually any button of the original mock cockpit is occupied with the real function. It takes several minutes before you can even start the first turbine. There are still more adjustments to the on-board computers, GPS, weapons computer, radio, etc. necessary, that drives the tears of joy in the face of every flight simulator fan.

So we navigate to the Configuration menu and search our features we want to map the USB Pro Pedals. It is in our case the rudder, and the left and right wheel brake.

It should be noted that we reverse the direction of the brake pedal, which is a special feature of the pro pedal. The rest of the settings we assume how first suggested and moved on to the runway.

After that, we wiped the tears of joy away, and increased the engine thrust and determine fairly quickly that the smallest movement is sufficient to allow the million dollars “Warthog” dig in the dirt next to the runway.

So we go again to the configuration menu and generously making a flatter movement curve.

Back on the runway the pedals exactly do their job and keep the A10 precisely on the center line until the two turbofan engines carry the “flying metal block” into the air. Now we can take over the function of the rudder pedals for the side steering.

The centering worked smoothly and was always accurate centered even without a flat steering curve. By the pedals the realistic flight feeling of the simulator is further increased.

Thanks to the aforementioned plastic caps we can fix the pedals in the middle and use this also for car racing games. As already mentioned above, the springs in the toe brakes only have low resistance, which could interfere with some gamers needs. Here, the already mentioned tip can bring some relief. Whether you are setting this in the supplied software or the game itself games, it`s up to you.

What draws our negative attention is, that the USB Pro Pedals hardly keep their fixed position, but slip under the table back and forth. The 4 rubber feet are not really able to keep the base plate firmly on the ground. The light weight of not even one kilogram then does the rest. To get rid of this you can mount a large-sized rubber mat here, or small spacers, so that the pedals are fixed to the wall of the room. Many Sim users have installed the USB Pro Pedals on a wooden board, which has additional 2-3 holes in which you can drive the wheels of your office / gaming chair. Thus, a firm grip is also guaranteed.CH Products Pro Pedals USB Result and general impression …