Cooler Master GS750 Review

Result and general impression …

The Cooler Master GS750 Headset Stand combines several peripheral devices in one and is rock solid in all areas.

In addition to the two USB 3.0 connections of the USB hub, the GS750 scores with the comfortable Qi charging station and the integrated 7.1 sound solution.

The RGB lighting makes the headset stand a real eye-catcher and even offers some effects.

The overall workmanship is high-quality and solid.

With currently about 80 Euro the GS750 is not a bargain for the small purse. Thus, the Cooler Master GS750 will probably be mainly interesting for those who value optically impressive gaming accessories and also have use for all these additional functions.

With this great overall result the Cooler Master GS750 headset stand receives our Purchase Tip Award 09/2020.

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