Cooler Master MasterAir MA610P Review

Construction, design and features …

The Cooler MasterAir 610P is a heat pipe tower cooler with 6 heatpipes. Due to the push / pull equipment and the lid, the cooler looks very boarded.

The blades of the rear-mounted fan are “backwardly” in comparison to standard fans, so that the optics are not clouded by the holding webs, etc., but the view is free on the rotor.

On the side you can see well the differently shaped heatpipes. Directly on the heatpipes a small heat sink is additionally attached. A good measure if you do not give away space, but want to get the most out of cooling capacity.

The top features the Cooler Master logo in a metallic look.

The fans are quickly removed. Again it seems to be a fan from the Air Balance series. Rubber elements are glued to the fan mounts for decoupling.

The cooler base has a foil attached to protect it from scratches. For optimum heat transfer, the heatpipes have direct contact with the CPU (heat pipe direct touch).

The six 6mm heatpipes lie flat on the contact surface of the CPU, but they have not been polished but only roughly ground.

Cooler Master MasterAir MA610P installation …