Cooler Master Nepton 140XL Review

For a 140 mm version, the radiator has a usual thickness. The Nepton 140XL Radiator has the known good Cooler Master quality and is provided with holes on each side to easily mount two fans.

The heatsink base is designed solid and houses the pump and control units which can be connected via a fan cable to the motherboard. The FEP tubes can definitely convince in design and functionality. They are covered with a groove tube that perfectly prevents twisting and yet at the same time remain flexible and stable.

As special high-light the CPU cooler with the water pump by the way is even nice illuminated.

The pump requires a power of 2.9 watts, which should not pose a problem for the CPU fan connector of each motherboard. In contrast to the two powerful JetFlo fans. One fan has a maximum power consumption of 9.6 watts, giving a total power of 19.2 watts results using the Y adapter and connect two fans. That could already be outside of some mainboard manufacturer specifications. You can connect both fans to a PWM connector directly to the motherboard or a fan controller if you do not want to lose the possibility of controllability.

The cooler bottom is made of copper and is thus very well suited for the heat transfer. Unfortunately, it is not polished, thus creating more unnecessary surface that needs to be filled later with thermal paste. For overclockers who are dependent on each degree, it means: Get out the sandpaper and polishing compound.

Another point is in the nature of the AIO water cooling systems. These come complete filled by the manufacturer and can not be refilled by the user himself. Even a replacement of the cooling liquid can not be carried out without problems. Now you may ask yourself why one should do this. Finally, Cooler Master advertises its Nepton water cooling with the words “maintenance free”. However, physics does not care to obey the manufacturer’s specifications, because with time evaporates the coolant through the hoses or joints. This can take sometimes more, sometimes less take time, but eventually reaches the point the fluid in the system is no longer enough and the pump wont work anymore. At first glance, Cooler Master has had a great idea here, but this was not consistently implemented. There is a small plug on the radiator where the user could fill the water cooling fluid.

Unfortunately, this is provided with the notice, if the sticker should be removed, you lose the warranty. It makes perfect sense that the manufacturer secures this way. Finally, resourceful hobbyist let their computer run even within cooking oil. But maybe Cooler Master could defuse the whole, by allowing the filling with an own brand coolant.

To be fair, we must note for which target group this AIO water cooling systems are designed. Precisely for users who do not have the craftsmanship or the interest to build a single component water cooling (look at our watercooler how to guide) themselfes and also to service it regularly. Many users might have the fear to handle with water in their computers and give the responsibility to the retailers or the manufacturer.

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Cooler Master Nepton 140XL CPU Water Cooler Review