Cougar SX-700 700W Modular PSU Review

Let us now already come from the technical data to the optical and practical criteria. The anthracite black-orange metal chassis looks nice and is very high-quality finished. At the power supply are some cables fixed attached, like already written on the first review page. The ATX/ATX 2.2 power cable, two PCI-E and a 12V cable with three plug combinations are attached and protected with black-white-orange mesh plastic sleeves.

Here is again a picture with a bent view, where one can recognize the Cougar S700 series.

The large 140mm thermalregulated fan attached at the lower surface sucks the air flow into the power supply and blows the warmed up air without another fan through the small holes out of the power supply. The fan is very quiet even if the 140mm HDB fan can be heard a little bit. Thanks to the thermal control, the volume is however pleasantly low during medium load.

Here one can see the back of the power supply, where the large power switch and the socket for the 115V to 240V cable can only be seen. Thanks to the good cooling over the 140mm fan another fan is not necessary on the power supply back.

The Cougar SX power pack is build modular, as already mentioned on the first page and provides thanks to individually connectable cables a cleared up PC for a better aeration and/or heat dissipation from the PC case. Additionally cables are contained in different types and lengths, so that an optimal conntection of the respective power consumer should be possible. All connections are well finished and offer a safe contact. On the power supply one can see very well, over which rails one get the +12V voltage, whereby the Cougar SX700 offers a dynamic 12V distribution of load, which gives the highest achievement automatically to the most loaded rail. By the way Cougar did not miscount +12V1, +12V3 and +12V4, but the +12V2 line is already connected over the non-modular cables with the power supply.

All cables are exemplary finished and the plugs are additionally also labeled, in order to avoid possible mistakes with the connections.

The removable 4-Pol plug is not for the EPS 12Volt supply, but for the current usual ATX 2.2 motherboards with 24 pole current supply. So, in order to save the costs of additional adapters, the 20-pin plug (up to ATX 2.1) can be converted very simply to a 24-pol ATX plug.

A look into the power supply inside shows that not only the outside chassis and cables are exemplary finished, but also that the inside of the Cougar power supply is build with very high-quality components. Especially exemplary are the solid capacitors at each output line and the Japanese 105°C capacitors, which achieve a higher durability than conventional 85°C Elcos.

Result and general impression of the Cougar 700 Watt power supply unit …