Crucial Ballistix 1GB Kit PC4000 LED BL2KIT6464L505 Memory Review

The memory modules are provided on a black plate with black passive heatsinks (heatspreader) which are supposed to enhance the cooling of the memory modules also with higher frequencies and/or higher voltages. Thus one achieves on the one hand better results with overclocking and on the other hand a longer life-time, whereby Crucial by the way grants lifelong warranty (Limited Lifetime Warranty) for the buyer (all informations to manufacturer conditions are of course without guarantee by

A further fancy feature are 8 green and 8 red light emitting diodes on each memory module, which shows the active processes, so that one recognizes immediately if the PC is still alive 😉

In the lower PCB range close to the pins are besides 8 blue LEDs integrated to ensure a nice ambiance in the PC … Modders will love it !