Crucial Ballistix Sport 16GB Kit 4x 4GB DDR4-2400 Review

Heatspreader …

Two thin heat sinks (heat spreader) were affixed on the memory modules, which provide a lower temperature of the memory modules even at some higher voltages and higher clock rates. Last but not least the attached double-sided heatspreaders offers a little protection. Thus, one reach better OC results and one receives a longer lifetime.

Crucial by the way grants lifelong warranty (Limited Lifetime Warranty) for the buyer, all information about manufacturer conditions are of course without guarantee by


Officially the modules are designed for the JEDEC standard DDR4 voltage of 1.20 volts to reach the CL16 timinings at DDR4-2400 easily without errors.

The fast timings and frequencies are stored as XMP-2400 (Intel Extreme Memory Profile) in the modules and can be queried by some motherboards similar as the common SPD (Serial Presence Detect) value for the standard timings.

If the motherboard supports reading the XMP 2.0 values, the higher frequencies can be adapted without much effort, otherwise you should adjust the right RAM values manually in the BIOS, to achieve optimal performance. What values you can set or should set exactly, you can ask here in our Forum.

The ASRock X99 Extreme6 motherboard support the XMP detection:

Here you can see the read out SPD and XMP values in the UEFI setup of the ASRock motherboard:

Less than 4GB on booting, only 3GB in the BIOS or less than 16GB in Windows …

It can occur that the memory capacity is only indicated as approx. 3GB instead of the 16GB, because 16GB RAM or any sizes with more than 2GB have to be customized in the BIOS and/or in the OS.
Here at is a guide which contains among other things a table, how much RAM each OS can support. Additionally there are some topics in our forum under hints and cheat, how one can address 4GB, 8GB, 16GB or more also with 32-Bit operating systems. Don’t hesitate to ask us in our German or English forum if you need any help.