Crucial BX200 480 GB SSD Review

Result and general impression …


The Crucial BX200 2.5″ 480 GB SATA3 SSD CT480BX200SSD1 achieved despite the lower priced TLC NAND Flash relatively good read rates and can benefit regarding the write values with the fast SLC write cache.

The Crucial BX200 480 GB TLC Solid State Drive with Silicon Motion SM2256 controller and 16nm Micron TLC NAND is tested both in the preferred AHCI mode, as well as in legacy IDE, but as with our previous SSD tests using AHCI mode showed significant benefits, so we strongly recommend AHCI. In addition, we have compared the pre-installed MU01 firmware with the MU02 firmware and could determine slightly performance differences. As Crucial has made improvements in the reliability and stability we would recommend to install this latest firmware.

The read performance of the Crucial BX200 480 GB SSDs are in the green zone and the 6 GB large SLC write cache successfully compensate the slower write performance, however, the field of application of this SSD should be considered. Because who wants to write regularly more than 6 GB data volume to this SSD, can get a coffee – for very large files, even the coffee buying at the grocery store is included.

So who wants to write regularly large data with more than 6 GB in a single pass on the SSD, should invest a bit more money and prefer the Crucial BX100 500GB SSD or better yet directly the Crucial MX200 500GB SSD, which offers higher transfer rates and more usable capacity as well as internal 256-bit AES encryption and a higher reliability.

TRIM, ECC, Active Garbage Collection, SMART, Device Sleep Extreme Low Power Mode and even thermal monitoring are supported, more high end features such as 256-bit AES Encryption, TCG Opal 2.0, IEEE-1667, Microsoft eDrive compatibility, RAIN, Power Loss Protection and four layers exclusive data defense is well served.

All in all this Crucial BX200 500 GB SSD is a very interesting priced SSD for Windows installation on a home allround PC and is a good choice for price-conscious buyers, because even an Acronis True Image HD software license for backup and restore, transfer from HDD to SSD and important migration is included.

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