Crucial MX200 1TB SSD Review

Who like to assemble a new PC or want to replace the old hard drive with a fast SSD, needs to select the proper size. If you do not know, if 250 GB or 500 GB is really enough capacity, you should read this review of the brand-new MX200 with 1 TB. Because after the previous test of the MX200 with 500 GB we want to test the 1 Terabyte type of the MX200 on today. We compare the Crucial MX200 1 TB SSD CT1000MX200SSD1 with the Crucial C300, m4, M500, M550, MX100, MX200 500 GB, and let many more solid state drives and hard drives compete against it.


Thanks for the support …

Thank you for the support with the Crucial MX200 1 TB SSD manufacturer Crucial.

The Crucial MX200 1 TB SATA3 2.5″ SSD CT1000MX200SSD1 has in the Crucial shop at review date a price of about 522 EUR (03/2015).

The Crucial MX200 SSD series includes the following models:
SATA SSD: Crucial MX200 250 GB CT250MX200SSD1, 500 GB CT500MX200SSD1, 1 TB CT1000MX200SSD1
mSATA SSD: Crucial MX200 250 GB CT250MX200SSD3, 500 GB CT500MX200SSD3
M. 2 2260 SSD: Crucial MX200 250 GB CT500MX200SSD6 and 500 GB CT500MX200SSD6
M. 2 2280 SSD: Crucial MX200 250 GB CT500MX200SSD4 and 500 GB CT500MX200SSD4

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The delivery of Crucial CT1000MX200SSD1 1 TB SSD …

The new Crucial MX200 1 TB SSD is located in this box:

This is included …

Finally, let us take a look inside of the MX200 SSD box:

The Crucial MX200 2.5″ SSD CT1000MX200SSD1 is like the 500 GB counterpart well packaged together with a 9.5 mm adapter and an Acronis True Image HD software activation key. With Acronis True Image HD software can backup and restore not only hard drives and SSDs, but transfer especially Windows from a hard drive to an SSD and migrate it correctly: