Plastic wrap display discovered – SCD Guide !

The discovery of the year! Scotch tape as a storage medium was discovered a few years ago, but today certainly even the Fraunhofer Institute is amazed, because on published a guide, how to use plastic wrap, salt and pencil to build an energy-efficient, highly flexible display with extreme versatility! You should not miss the sodium chloride crystal display guide – short SCD. Edit 02.04.2015 – Yes, it was just an April Fools joke, but may be it is possible in the future 😉

How plastic wrap display works …

There were already some Display instructions on, but how does the display from a plastic wrap with salt work ?
Now, just like in a liquid crystal display (Liquid Crystal Display – short LCD) the alignment of the mesh in the molecular crystal is changed by applying a voltage so that it can be translucent or opaque. By the way, using a pencil the conducting paths are applied, like in the good old AMD CPU painting guides. In the first tests, the laboratory staff could produce only grayscale images, but these were crystal clear in the truest sense of the word! The refractive index is only a matter of time, and then the images are also pretty colorful. With calcite crystals, even a birefringence could represent, for example, 3D images. For you, we stay on the ball, or rather on the crystal.

The ingredients …

For the phenomenal salt display – short SCD (Sodium chloride Crystal Display) we will need the following ingredients:
– Plastic wrap
– Table salt
– Pencil
– Scotch tape
– Alligator Clips
– Crossfire or SLI bridge
– A piece of flex foil cable (FFC)

Step by step display guide …