CompuStocx CSXO XAC-1200 Diablo 2x 1GB PC2-9600/DDR2-1200 Memory Review

The memory modules are provided on a green plate with black passive heatsinks (heatspreader) to get lower temperatures, also with higher frequencies and/or higher voltages. A very good heatsink and good contact between heatsink (heatspreader) and memory chip is especially important with these CompuStocx DDR2-1200 overclocking modules, because a high voltage and/or frequency could destroy the DDR2 RAM without a good cooling. The heatspreader with additional cooling lamellas has a nice finish and is pressed very evenly to the thermal pads of the memory chips and offers a good heat dissipation. Unfortunately the test modules comes without EPP (Enhanced Performance Profiles) support. The additional entry in the SPD EEPROM would be helpful on those high-end overclocking modules to get automatically best timings and frequencies for overclocking on latest generation motherboards with EPP support.