Enermax StarryFort SF30 Review

Enermax StarryFort SF30 Fan lighting …

Now we come to the optical highlight of the tower: the aRGB fans, which are already installed in the tower upon delivery.

The front fans are already connected to a controller hidden on the back of the tower, which offers many, to be exact, 13 lighting variants. This controller can be connected directly to the motherboard to control it with ASRock Polychrome, Asus Aura Sync, Gigabyte RGB Fusion, MSI Mystic Light Sync and synchronize it with the rest of the tower.

If you don’t have a motherboard with aRGB header installed, Enermax provides a solution. In this case you just have to connect the reset button to the controller instead of the motherboard and control the 13 pre-programmed lighting variants with it. When you switch on the PC, the tower presents itself in full splendour, since the default setting of the aRGB fans is in wave mode, which immediately offers a beautiful variety of colors.

Of course we have captured all these variants on video in OCinside YouTube Channel, so that you can watch and enjoy them completely.
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Enermax StarryFort SF30 Result and general impression …