Icy Dock MB998SP-B ToughArmor Review

Today we want to introduce you to the third part of our Icy Dock caddy review hattrick. This time we have tested the Icy Dock MB998SP-B ToughArmor cage. The special thing about this caddy is that it can accommodate up to eight SSDs or HDDs. How, and especially if that can work well, we will show you in the following review.

Thanks for the support …

Many thanks for the support to Marauder25 and the quick delivery to the manufacturer Icy Dock/Cremax Tech LTD.

The Icy Dock MB998SP-B ToughArmor caddy has at review date a price of approx. 130 Euro (10/2015).

Here you can buy the Icy Dock MB998SP-B ToughArmor caddy. *Ad

The delivery of the Icy Dock ToughArmor caddy …

Even this Icy Dock MB998SP-B ToughArmor caddy is, like its little brother, delivered in a box made out of recycled cardboard.

This includes of course the Icy Dock MB998SP-B ToughArmor cage, manual and small bag of screws and marker numbers.

More accessories are not needed to take the Icy Dock MB998SP-B Tough Armor in operation.

Whether this armor withstands the strongest projectiles of our review, we will clarify in the following pages.

Icy Dock Turbo Dock caddy technical data …