Leap HD 3D VR Glasses Review

Results and general impression …


The Leap HD 3D VR glasses are definitely worth a purchase. The processing, the wearing comfort and protection against unwanted light influence is exceptionally good for such a price range. Only the QR Code link to calibrate the Leap HD glasses did not work.

The one who has never tried VR glasses at a Computer- or Gaming fair, and just want to have a glimpse into virtual reality, should buy this entertaining fun for 20-30 Euro that you can experience thanks to Google Cardboard Glasses. Because Oculus Rift and HTC Vive with their own so-called head-mounted displays are of course much more detailed and better, but cost much more than the Cardboard glasses with the Smartphone, which you possess anyway.

Therefor we give the Leap HD 3D VR goggles together with the Bluetooth gamepad the OCinside.de Price Tip Award 10/2015 !

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