Mayhems Aurora 2 Red and Blue Review

Technical specifications …

Mayhems Aurora is expressly NOT a 24/7 liquid and ONLY FOR SHOW AND PRESENTATION PURPOSES! Nevertheless, it offers everything you would expect from a ready-to-use water-cooling mixture: corrosion protection and a bio-inhibitor.

The label also refers to the harmfulness and the responsible disposal.

Mayhems himself states that the ingredients are 85% biodegradable. In addition, Mayhems points out that various manufacturers of water cooling components do not guarantee or even refuse the guarantee of safe operation with Mayhems products, including Alphacool, Koolance, Phobya, Watercool and Aqua Computer. Damage such as: blockage, dissolution of aluminum radiators, destruction of bonded containers, etc. is a consequence of the use of Mayhems, but is not reimbursed by Mayhems.

Before filling, the system should also be thoroughly rinsed and be free of chemicals, which means that the usual additives for water cooling should not be mixed with Mayhems Aurora.

Mayhems Aurora construction, design and other features …