Mayhems Aurora 2 Red and Blue Review

Benchmark values and test results …

Anyone who has been following our AIO water cooling series will know the test system for the Mayhems Aurora 2 coolant from the NZXT Kraken conversion from Part 2. If not, now is the time to read the water cooler instructions and the water cooler reviews.

The system from the water cooler mod instructions has now got a new expansion tank: Since the partially bonded Alphacool Repack Single Bayres 5.25″ – Rev.2 was leaking, now a new Aquacomputer Aquabox Professional 5 1/4″ black G1/4 has been installed, which is sealed at all joined points by sealing rings. And no, the old expansion tank was not operated with Mayhems liquid, but with Alphacool CKC Cape Kelvin Catcher Clear 😉

In addition, the EVGA GTX Titan X (Maxwell) was replaced by an Asus GTX 1080ti Strix OC.

We used the Intel Core i7-6700K, which was overclocked to 4.8 GHz at 1.38V, for an hour with Prime 95 and then recorded the temperatures. The room temperature was 23°C and the fans on the 140 and 280 radiators ran with the silent setting.

First with the Alphacool CKC Cape Kelvin Catcher Clear Liquid …

… and then with Mayhems Aurora.

The results are almost identical, which means the optical effect of Mayhems Aurora is not at the expense of cooling performance.

Mayhems Aurora field test …