Mayhems Aurora 2 Red and Blue Review

Field test …

Here is a video of the red and blue Mayhems Aurora 2 Coolant at our OCinside YouTube Channel.
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Cooling performance and optics are convincing, where is the catch now?

As already mentioned, Mayhems Aurora is not intended for 24/7 operation, but only for show and presentation purposes. This is due to the metallic nano particles responsible for the Aurora effect. As long as the liquid is in motion, they are pretty to look at, but at standstill, they settle quickly. We could see that in our demo glasses after only a few hours.

Of course, the same thing happens in the complete water cooling cycle. Even in operation, the particles accumulate e.g. between the micro fins of CPU and graphics card coolers and less flushed areas in the circuit. During the research for the test, we have read many messages from users who tried the liquid nonetheless in 24/7 systems and had massive problems with cleaning after a few weeks.

Then we left the Aurora liquid in the water cooling system for 1 week and then rinsed the system thoroughly – with 5 complete water changes. Then we completely disassembled the NZXT Kraken cooler to see if any Aurora particles remained inside. Incidentally, the procedure is identical to our AIO water cooler refurbish manual (AIO watercooling article part 3).

At first glance, it looks reasonably good …

… but looking closely, you can still see silvery deposits in less flushed areas.

Also, the copper cooler plate is not free of deposits.

Mayhems Aurora 2 conclusion and overall impression …