OCZ AMD Black Edition DDR3-1600/PC3-12800 4GB Kit OCZ3BE1600C8LV4GK Memory Review

The memory modules are provided on a PCB with two bonded passive mesh heatsinks (heatspreader), which are supposed to enhance the memory cooling also with higher frequencies and/or higher voltages. Thus one achieves on the one hand better overclocking results and on the other hand a longer life-time, whereby OCZ by the way grants lifelong warranty (Lifetime Warranty) for the buyer (all informations to manufacturer conditions are of course without guarantee by ocinside.de).

Here is another lovely OCZ detail:

Since the heatspreader is open at the top and bottom, they are additionally excellent suitable for active RAM cooler.

Here is a bottom view of a OCZ AMD Black Edition module:

Instead of the JEDEC standard values of 1.50 Volt for DDR3 modules, these modules are officially designed for a higher voltage of 1.80 Volt to reach the fast CL8 timinings without errors

Officially the modules are already appropriate for a somewhat higher voltage of 1.65 V instead of the JEDEC standard values of 1.50 V for DDR3 of modules, to reach the high frequency with CL8 timing. However, in the test it was necessary to raise it a bit more to approx. 1.71 to 1.77V to run them absolutely error free on the ASRock test board with all different test programs like Memtest or Prime.

But the characteristic of these modules is possible with an interesting overclocking program for AMD processors. Because the modules are especially designed for the AMD OverDrive tool – AOD, in order to download detailed overclocking settings by the serial number over the Internet and overclock them plug and play like. The AMD overclocking program can be found e.g. here on OC software download page.

Here is a Vista Snipping screenshot of the AMD OverDrive OC software:

Starting from the AOD version 3.0 the AMD Black Edition Memory Profile or BEMP feature is integrated. The timings for the Black Edition / BE memory modules are available in a database at AMD and be downloaded in the AOD tool under settings -> online update -> check -> update. Finally the BEMP feature is quasi nothing else as an automatic setting like nVidia EPP and/or Intel XMP or for professional users like the manual settings in the BIOS or in the AOD software.

Important: A basic condition for the import of the Black Edition Memory Profile data with the online tool in the AOD software is an AOD certified motherboard like motherboards with e.g. AMD790GX chipset in combination with a Black Edition CPU like for example the AMD Phenom BE or AMD Phenom II BE CPU. Otherwise the program stop with an error or it is not possible to check and refresh the memory profile settings.

Without AMD Black Edition CPU and AOD motherboard all values are set in grey and cannot be imported as shown here on the Windows 7 Snipping screenshot of the AOD online update page:

Not 4GB during booting, but only 3GB in the BIOS or operating system …

It can occur that the memory capacity is only indicated as approx. 3GB instead of the 4GB, because the 4GB DDR, DDR2 or DDR3 RAM size or any size with more than 2GB is still a case sui generis.Here at ocinside.de is a guide which contains among other things a table, how much RAM is supported by operating systems.