Plextor M6e 256GB PCI Express SSD Review

Manufacturer Plextor
Article number PX-G256M6E
Capacity 256 GB (NAND)
Interface M.2 PCIe Gen2 x2 (10Gb/s)
Cache 512 MB
Controller Marvell
Flash Type Toshiba Toggle NAND Flash
Size M.2 2280-D5-B-M (80.0 x 22.0 x 3.8mm)
Weight approx. 13 gramm
Speed Read up to 770 MB/s / Write up to 580 MB/s
Power Consumption max. 2.5 A (8.25 Watt)
MTBF 2.4 million hours MTBF and 5 years warranty
Other SMART support, TRIM, NCQ, 256-bit AES encryption

Here is a screenshot of Snipping the CrystalDiskInfo 4.3.0 SSD and HDD information software, where it is noticeable, that Plextor unfortunately does not spend this M.2 PCIe SSD a temperature sensor:

SSD firmware update …

Before starting the tests, we have updated the Plextor M.2 SSD to the latest firmware version. The SSD was delivered with firmware 1.03 and at review date, Plextor released the latest firmware version 1.04. The update of the Plextor firmware is unfortunately not quite as easy as we know it from Plextor, because Plextor delivers no finished ISO file on the download page, but indicates that you should create a MSDOS boot disk “Prepare a bootable USB device with MSDOS”. Sure, who knows PCs for many years, also know how to build a boot device or read it in our Tipps & Tricks Forum, but Plextor unfortunately does not refer to any instructions and does not provide any free DOS or Linux boot file for the firmware update.

After downloading the file and extracting the files, copy them to the boot stick, boot with this USB stick and then start the Flash.bat manually in the command line (also the Autoexec.bat with the Flash.bat command is missing). Then confirm the SSD firmware update with the “Z” key if you are using a German keyboard (unless you start “keyb gr”).

If everything is finished, the SSD is updated with the 1.04 firmware.