Royole Moon 3D Entertainment System Review

Practical testing …

The Royole Moon 3D Entertainment System has been tested on the following systems:

Intel Core i7 6700K @ 4 GHz
4x 4 GB DDR4 RAM
ASRock Z170 Extreme6+
MSI GeForce GTX 1080ti Gaming X Trio
Seasonic Platinum Netzteil 760W
Samsung Pro 840 Pro 256 GB SSD
Gehäuse Tt Core X9 Snow Edition

Windows 10 Professional 64 Bit
Nvidia Treiber GeForce Experience

It takes some time to adjust the headset. You should also take this time, otherwise it is very unpleasant to wear. Either it presses on the nose, or it shines light through the side leather frames.

Once you have found your personal attitude, you can get started. After connection and switching on, the LED ring of the control unit lights up white.

The operation of the installed Android operating system is a bit tricky. To do this, wipe the side of the headphones either once forwards to navigate one menu item to the right, or once backwards to navigate one menu item to the left.

This is very hard, and makes entries in the YouTube app very tough. Fortunately, you can at least navigate in the overview with the mouse. A complete mouse control would have been better. This works very well, for example, with the desktop extension.

Especially with the integrated web browser, an alternative input via app or mouse arrow would be much more practical.

Fortunately, the mouse arrow is reactivated in the web page view. UPDATE: After installing the current update, the mouse arrow is also activated in the browser input. This makes entering web pages a little more pleasant than entering everything by “wiping”.

The videos displayed by the glasses in side-by-side mode are really impressive. Whether it’s the flight on a jet …

… or the obligatory roller coaster ride. The 3D effect is really great and really twitched us once or twice when we wanted to avoid objects. So the immersion has succeeded.

Unfortunately, this effect could not be reproduced in games. No matter if we started the hardcore flight simulator A-10C from DCS or the comic survival game Subnautica, the 3D mode could not even be forced and immediately switched back to the standard mode. Maybe there will be more support from the manufacturers in the future, both of the glasses and the games.

What we can highlight here are the loudspeakers and the noise cancelling. The external noise is significantly dampened and the quality of the sound can really be described as very good. Even if the bass is not as booming as with our Sennheiser G4ME ONE headset, the Royole Moon 3D platform creates a great acoustic atmosphere. The wearing comfort is also appropriate to the weight. However, if you plan to exhaust the 5 hours battery life, you should make yourself comfortable on a sofa with headrest.

Last but not least we take a look at the app.

With this app you can control the Royole 3D glasses, take screenshots or play videos remotely using an Android device. But the app is nothing more than a nice gimmick. As everyone can imagine, using the app is complicated when wearing glasses. Thus, the field of application is rather limited.

This completes our practical test of the Royole Virtual Reality 3D glasses and brings us to our conclusion.

Royole Moon 3D Entertainment System Result and general impression …