Scythe Kaze Master II Review

Let us go on with the test and measure all relevant Voltages inside the Scythe Kaze Master II fan controller. Voltages were measured by Fluke 83 multimeter. On channel 1 and 2, a Cooler Master 120 mm Fan, on Channel 3 a 200 mm and on Channel 4 there was a 140mm fan installed.

First, we consider the smallest possible voltage adjustment of the respective fan channels.

Channel 1 min. Voltage = 4.09 V Channel 2 min. Voltage = 4.18 V Channel 3 min. Voltage = 4.42 V Channel 4 min. Voltage = 4.22 V

Below this voltage, the fan came to a stop and the alarm sounded. Some fans do not work with such a low starting voltage as the existing 3.7 V here. But it’s definitely good to know that you could, if you wanted to.

If we now measure once, whether arriving at the highest fan setting actually still 12 V.

Channel 1 max. Voltage = 11.96 V Channel 2 max. Voltage = 11.95 V Channel 3 max. Voltage = 11.75 V Channel 4 max. Voltage = 11.94 V

Here, the controller achieves a good value. Voltages can be a little bit lower if you attach more than one fan to a single channel.

Both functions, the Spin Up Voltage feature, as well as the Power Feed Control respond as intended when turning or when artificially induced blockages. For perfectionists it is difficult to adjust 2 fans to the same speed. Slight variations and not a direct response to the turning of the knob make this task almost impossible. But if you are really looking for that, you have to watch out for a programmable model.

Scythe Kaze Master II Result and general impression …