Sunbeamtech SUNNUO550-EUAP-SV 550 Watt modular PSU Hardware Review

We now already come to the optical and practical criteria. The anthracite black metal PSU case is very cleanly finished and is also without LED fan a genuine eye-catcher. And the attached ATX/ATX 2.2 power cable is protected by a fine-mesh black plastic sleeve. The large 120mm thermalcontrolled cooler attached at the lower surface sucks the air flow into the power supply and blows out with the smaller 80mm fan and the ventilation holes. Additionally the Sunbeam NUUO series offers under the designation “Tri-Fan Thermostatic System” a further Connection type for a case fan, which is controlled by a special logic of the power supply.

The following picture shows the top side and back of the power supply unit, where’s also the main switch attached, that completely disconnect the main supply voltage. Besides the usual 80mm fan which carries the hot air out of the case is attached with a black fan grill.

Sunbeamtech use also the very good modular technology. It provides owing to the individually cables for a cleared up PC and thus also for a better aeration and heat dissipation. Besides cables in different lengths are attached to the power pack, which can be branched off again with adaptor cables, so that an optimal connection of the respective power consumers results. Here’s a picture of the PSU connectors with attached protective caps:

The ATX 2.2 capable power supply is delivered together with the 50cm long and fixed installed (each PC need it) motherboard power connector already mentioned. As also carefully explained in the manual, the removable 4-Pin Plug isn’t for the EPS 12Volt supply, it’s for ATX 2.2 motherboards with 24 pin supply. In order to save the costs of additional adapters, the plug with 24 pins can be converted very simply to the 20-pin ATX plug …

As an further feature, the Molex cable for HDD, CDROM, DVDROM, etc. power connections provides special clips, which force the plug away from the socket contact when squeezing together, so they can taken off clearly more easily.

And the bangers comes not only to New Year’s eve, but also with Sunbeam, because the power supply comes also directly with a small beeping fan control. This 3.5 inch module reads out the temperature of the power supply and control the internal PSU fans. Thus one can adjust oneself the noise level of the PC with a variable resistor and if one adjusted the fan too small, the box will alert with a siren for 30 seconds starting from 70°C PSU case temperature. Furthermore the fans are then changed to autocontrol, in order to increase the cooling. Only negative taste is that the piezo-buzzer also delivers a short but very loud beep each time when switching on the PC. Completely turning this off (and/or unsolder) shouldn’t be done, because it serves finally for control, that the alert buzzer is also intact. However, Sunbeam may do a somewhat quieter check signal when switching on the PC.

Here is again a picture of the back of the beeping 3.5″ fan controller, that is connected with 4 small cables to the 550 Watts Sunbeam NUUO power supply.

And here’s again a picture of the blue LCD, which shows on the one hand an animated fan symbol and the temperature with a tolerance of approx. 2°C. The small C/F button is for the conversion of Celsius (°C) on Fahrenheit (°F).

Result and general impression of the Sunbeamtech NUUO 550 Watt PSU …