Sunbeamtech SUNNUO550-EUAP-SV 550 Watt modular PSU Hardware Review

The technical data …

Of course the technical data of the 550 Watts power supply is naturally also available on the attached identification sticker, whereby we’ve the following voltages, amperage and adjustment values: +3.3V 28A +5% ~ -5% ; +5V 36A +5% ~ -5% ; +12V1 20A +5% ~ -5% ; +12V2 18A +5% ~ -5% -12V 0.80A +10% ~ -10% ; +5VSB 2.50A +10% ~ -10%

All voltages could in the test operation with different loads also when external measurements very well and pointed to a clean technical conversion of the switching power supply. The combined total output data should not exceed the following achievements: at +3.3V and +5.0V up to 280 Watts, at +12V1 and +12V up to 360 Watts, at +5V and +12V and +3.3V up to 540 Watts and those entirely achievement of all customers may amount up to 625 Watts.

These are of the manufacturer prescribed values, which one shouldn’t exceed to avoid overloading. Apropos overloading – naturally the power pack offers also any kinds of short-circuit -, overcurrent -, output and input protection, which functioned also successfully in the test attempt. Nevertheless one should avoid any connection failures with so high achievements, because under certain conditions there’s always the possibly to destroy the PSU or get a cable fire.

Furthermore the power supply has an active PFC (Power Factor Correction) for the reduction of the reactive power, the EMV disturbances and improvement of the efficiency. Meanwhile is at least clearly more inexpensive in addition, not too efficient and quite bulky passive PFC legally prescribed, but Sunbeam didn’t save costs and include the better active PFC.

By the way, the MTBF (Mean time Between failure) is according to manufacturer with approx. 25°C about 80000 hours, which represents finally the reliability of the power supply, because the time between 2 possible errors is very high.

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