AMD Phenom II CPU Unlock Guide – Unlock the Multi, Vcore and X4 CPU Core

AMD Phenom II CPU multiplier, Vcore and fourth core unlock

Unlock an inexpensive AMD Phenom II 710 X3 CPU with 3 cores and multi lock to an AMD Phenom II X4 Engineering Sample with 4 cores, Vcore selection and unlocked multi !

BSP Only BIOS option allocates the L3 Cache to the first CPU core …

Usually one leaves the L3 cache on All Cores, so that the L3 cache can be used by all CPU cores. Since this value is by ASRock BIOS default on BSP Only, it was a good reason to compare these two values with some benchmark tests. BSP stands by the way for Boot Strap Processor and the L3 Cache Allocation BSP Only setting means that one assign the L3 cache only to the boot CPU instead of sharing the fast L3 buffer on all cores.

Thus we set the L3 Cache Allocation value in the Advanced BIOS directly after the PC boot up to BSP Only, save settings to the BIOS with F10, wait until the PC show the BIOS post and go directly once again with F2 key into the BIOS.

Unlock the fourth Core with ACC …