AMD Phenom II CPU Unlock Guide – Unlock the Multi, Vcore and X4 CPU Core

AMD Phenom II CPU multiplier, Vcore and fourth core unlock

Unlock an inexpensive AMD Phenom II 710 X3 CPU with 3 cores and multi lock to an AMD Phenom II X4 Engineering Sample with 4 cores, Vcore selection and unlocked multi !

Result of the ACC and BSP Only modification …

The AMD Phenom II processors is really Phenomenal ! Because there is not only the chance of four CPU cores and more cache by the ACC mod with a little bit luck, but perhaps it is additionally possible to unlock the multiplier and unlock the Vcore limit with the BSP Only mod. Unfortunately it is necessary to have luck, because even if the fourth CPU core is unlocked, it is possible that the PC won’t boot successfully into the operating system. By the way, the multiplier and Vcore unlock was not possible with every run and holds just until switching of the PC, afterwards the previous explained steps
were necessary again.

But even if it just unlocks the processor until the next shutdown, it was an interesting way to overclock a locked processor to the maximum with a higher multi and higher Vcore. And it can be a first step to crack the “new multi lock” since AMD’s Socket A Barton processors. If there are any news about the multi lock, it will be of course explained in the Workshop area.

Your feedback is as always very welcome in our OC forum ! Because if this modification works with one processor and one motherboard, the chances are good that this unlock mod is also possible with more processors and more motherboards.

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