Interactive AMD Athlon 64 Socket 939 CPU Pinmod guide – the wire trick

Again less coffee may be drunk, because finally it’s succeeded to publish the first interactive Pinmod guide for current AMD Athlon 64 Socket 939 CPUs !
In the version 1.0 it’s like in the previous AMD SocketA Pinmod guide necessary to connect different CPU pins with small wires.
The result is awesome, because it’s possible to increase the CPU voltage (also on PC startup) to 1.550 Volt, which is enormously important to get high overclocking results.
Depending on the Motherboard it’s even possible to get a Vcore of 1.900 Volt !
Much pleasure with the new Pinmod and with the additionally published Pinmod help.
The latest development of the interactive Socket 939 Pinmod guide is published on
In the new version 1.1 are some new connections to increase the Vcore (CPU voltage) and now also selections to lower the Vcore which is important to underclock processors.
For example to lower the power consumption of HTPCs (Home Theater PCs).

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