Interactive AMD Athlon 64 CPU Socket AM2 Pinmod guide – the wire trick

Finally, it was possible to find out the appropriate pins for the Socket AM2 processors and the first interactive AMD Athlon 64 Socket AM2 pinmod guide is published on
It concerns – as in the previous AMD Socket A, S754 and S939 pin mod guidances – to connect CPU pins with a small wire.
Hereby e.g. the CPU voltage can be changed, in order to reach higher overclocking results.
In the first version, the interactive pinmod guide offers already an increasement of the CPU voltage up to 1.550 Volt (also on PC startup), which is awesome to overclock a well cooled processor.
And depending on the used motherboard it is even possible to get a Vcore up to 1.900 Volt !

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Here’s the handling of the new interactive AMD Athlon 64 Socket AM2 Pin-Mod guide …