SSD Capacity Doubler

Double your SSD capacity

Double the SSD capacity with a SSD puncher …

All of us will know this … just bought a new SSD and the SSD has not enough space, at least very soon. has discovered a tricky solution how you simply can double the SSD capacity with a puncher ! Some still remember the 5.25-inch floppy disks, where you could also double the capacity with a simple hole and a similar procedure is now possible with SSDs and maybe even with USB sticks soon. How it works with SSDs, is explained in this step by step tutorial.

Thanks for the support …

Many thanks for the support with the SSD by the manufacturer Crucial.

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Soon there will be also a special SSD puncher by in our fan shop. We explain below how it will look and for which capacity it could be offered. Colours can be shared with us best in our hardware forum or on our Facebook page.

So, you punch the right SSD size …

Of course an SSD not simply fits in a puncher and the SSD should also not be punched in the SSD enclosure to prevent defectives, because who punched at that time a whole 10-pack 5.25″ disks inside of the packaging ?

Therefore the SSD enclosure must be unscrewed first. However, you will void your warranty by opening the SSD case ! At this point we would like to say, that the SSD punching has not been fully tested. We publish a list tomorrow, on the 2nd April 2014 with all SSD types and their serial numbers, punchable SSDs, coming along with the right hole dimensions. Therefore you should still wait with punching your SSD, so do not start immediately with punching !

This is how the opened SSD looks like, which already comes with some holes for factory specification of the capacity:

Here is another picture of the defenseless SSD board that will be punched right now:

To double the capacity of a 256 GB SSD to awesome 512 GB (with SSD overprovisioning approx. 500 GB), you first have to mark the exact point to the SSD. For our test sample, a distance of 20 mm to the outside of the board is necessary for the hole.

Here you can see the exact position again highlighted, where we have to the punch the SSD:

Now simply hold the SSD PCB in the puncher holes and punch the previously marked point happy.

The finished SSD with the new hole should now look like this board:

If everything has worked correctly, the SSD now have the double capacity and that without much effort ! Of course, we provide some performance tests of the finished perforated SSD very soon. In addition the crew is testing already higher capacities with square holes. And yes, maybe you can punch even USB sticks as well, soon. SSD Puncher …

As mentioned at the beginning of the SSD guide, there will be a special SSD Puncher in our OC fan shop, too. Colors can still suggested in the SSD puncher color topic or will be on our Facebook page.

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Edit 2nd April 2014:

Yes, of course it was just an April Fools joke, you’ll lower the capacity by punching holes in your SSD 😉

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