AMD Socket A Duron and Athlon XP painting guide Ver 2.1

The new server will still take a few days but I don’t want to keep anybody on tenterhooks and want to publish the new AMD Athlon XP painting guide for all currently obtainable 5-bit AMD processors. From now on in a new outfit and with new functions like e.g. the direct output of the rating ! Additionally the new interactive XP painting guide is now also compatible with Netscape, Mozilla and all other browsers known to me (of course also with Internet Explorer). For those who are asking what they should do with this interactive XP painting guide I will explain “in short” the sense and the functions… The processing speed will be produced out of the so called FSB and the multiplicator. To overclock the CPU the multiplicator will be increased with preference because only by this the CPU will be overclocked and not the complete cards, mainboard, etc. In case the mainboard supports the multi-adjustment you have to unlock the CPU with the help of the XP painting guide and you can now choose the corresponding multiplicator out of the BIOS or per jumper. When this function is not supported from the mainboard or only a smaller choice of multiplicators is possible the painting guide will help you in any case, as the changes of the small golden bridges on the CPU are accepted from EACH MAINBOARD which supports the corresponding processor ! How should one say accordingly “painting Rulez…” 🙂 And as often a higher CPU voltage (Vcore) for overclocking will be necessary you can of course choose the required Vcore from the new version 2.0 of the interactive XP painting guide and “paint” it. More background knowledge in overclocking you can of course learn in detail from the workshop of as otherwise it would be too extensive for News – please excuse the long News… 😉 Here you will be guided to the brandnew interactive XP painting guide for all current 5-bit AMD CPUs like e.g. the Athlon XP and Duron Morgan.

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