AMD Motherboard Reviews – Socket AM3+, AM2, FM2+, FM2, FM1, 939, 754 and AM3 Roundup

In order to view a summary before purchasing a AMD motherboard, a new chart comparing all the Socket AM3+, AM3, FM2+, FM2, FM1, AM2+, AM2, 939 and 754 motherboards previously tested on is now online. This overview is a summary of all results and also contains the most important overclocking options like e.g. multiplier, Vcore, etc.

ASRock AM1H-ITX Socket AM1 Mini-ITX Motherboard Review

Not for overclockers, but instead a great choice to save power with high standards, this is how you could shortly describe the latest review of the current AMD Socket AM1 Mini-ITX motherboard. The ASRock AM1H-ITX motherboard has one PCI Express slot, two DDR3-1600 slots, four SATA3 ports, Gigabit LAN, 7.1 sound with optical S/PDIF output, and graphics output via D-Sub, DVI-D, HDMI, or DisplayPort 1.2 and offers even 4K resolution. The power connection is optimally solved, because the ASRock … Continue reading ASRock AM1H-ITX Socket AM1 Mini-ITX Motherboard Review

Plextor M5M 128GB SSD Review

Who like to upgrade an Ultrabook or Tablet with a fast SSD or install a motherboard with an mSATA port, will be happy about this review. Because this time is testing the tiny Plextor M5M mSATA SSD board with 128 GB capacity, which is also available with 64 GB or 256 GB. The Plextor PX-128M5M SSD is based on the Marvell 88SS9187 controller and achieved in practice tests with the latest firmware 1.04 great results, which are compared in … Continue reading Plextor M5M 128GB SSD Review