Thermaltake The Tower 500 Review

Last year we reviewed the Thermaltake The Tower 100 ITX gaming case, and today we are taking a look at its big brother Thermaltake The Tower 500. On we are testing it in the Snow Edition all in white. Unlike its little brother, this tower even supports E-ATX motherboards. Reason enough for us to check what we can install and hope you enjoy reading the review.

Cooler Master MasterMouse MM712 Review

Lightweight Cooler Master MasterMouse MM712 Gaming Mouse! With a free choice between wired operation, connection via 2.4 GHz dongle or Bluetooth 5.1, a weight of only 58 g and software configuration options, Cooler Master offers a wide range of features that should attract gaming enthusiasts. The announcement of possible fine-tuning and macros, PTFE mouse feet and an Ultraweave cable definitely raise our interest.

JBL Quantum Stream Review

Not only in times of home office with video calls and video conferences a good intelligibility is helpful, but of course also when streaming, creating videos, etc. and so we test today with the Quantum Stream a high-quality streaming microphone from JBL.

ASRock Z790 Steel Legend WiFi Motherboard Unboxing Video

We have published on an unboxing video in German with English subtitles of the new ASRock Z790 Steel Legend WiFi motherboard, which offers an impressive basic equipment and is designed for current Intel 13th Gen and Intel 12th Gen LGA1700 processors. The detailed review of the new ASRock Z790 Steel Legend WiFi ATX motherboard will follow soon as well.

Tribit FlyBuds C1 Pro Review

Tribit has a range of affordable in-ear solutions and portable speakers, with a clear focus on replacing the usual cable tangle by Bluetooth transmission. Equipped with ANC, long-life batteries with battery status indicator and numerous setting options in the Audiodo app, the Tribit FlyBuds C1 Pro BTHA2 should be a loyal companion for the busy traveler. On, we test among others how the in-ears sounds under real-life conditions.

AMD and Intel LGA CPU Installation Guide

No more bent pins in the LGA socket with Intel or AMD! With the new ASRock Z790 Steel Legend motherboard we have published today in advance a written and video tutorial for Intel LGA1700 CPU installation. Since we receive again and again inquiries due to bent pins in the Intel LGA socket and bent pins in AMD AM5 socket are only a matter of time, we have created in our OCinside YouTube Channel a video for AMD or Intel CPU … Continue reading AMD and Intel LGA CPU Installation Guide

Thermal Paste Roundup

Thermal paste comparison! Today we test a rather inconspicuous component on, without which an adequate cooling would not be possible. Various thermal pastes are tested today and we will find out if it is worth investing in them or if the supplementary paste of the newly purchased cooler is actually sufficient. We tested the Arctic MX-4, Cooler Master Cryofuze, Noctua NH-H1, Noctua NH-H2, Endorfy Pactum PT-4, Streacom TX13, Thermal Grizzly Aeronaut, Hydronaut and Kryonaut extreme as well as the … Continue reading Thermal Paste Roundup

Cooler Master MasterLiquid PL360 Flux Review

Large radiator surface, new Flux fans and a lot of ARGB including its own controller! Today we are testing the new MasterLiquid PL360 Flux AIO water cooling from Cooler Master. A high-quality dual-chamber pump, redesigned Flux series fans and the 360mm radiator promise superior heat exchange. We are curious and take a close look at the AIO in the following review on In addition, there are new videos of the RGB effects on our OCinside YouTube channel and a … Continue reading Cooler Master MasterLiquid PL360 Flux Review

Arctic Liquid Freezer II Service Kit Installation Guide

Mistakes can happen! It is important that they are detected and fixed in time. Unfortunately, a certain batch of Liquid Freezer II water coolers from Arctic had faulty gaskets installed under the cold plates. Water leakage in the PC would of course be the last thing you want when running a water cooling system, as this may cause damage to the PC. Today we show on how to replace the gasket under the cold plate of the AIO water … Continue reading Arctic Liquid Freezer II Service Kit Installation Guide

Lian Li SP850 Gold SFX Power Supply Review

Energy efficient PCIe 5.0 SFX power supply! Lian Li has taken it upon itself to develop a modern, powerful PC power supply in small form factor format, which should fully meet today’s standards and customer requirements. The result is a fully modular 850 Watt SFX PC power supply with 80 Plus Gold certification and 12-pin high-power connector according to PCIe 5.0 standard. On paper, this reads excellent, but how the small power dwarf performs in practice will be revealed in … Continue reading Lian Li SP850 Gold SFX Power Supply Review

SilentiumPC SPC Gear SPG152 LIX Wireless Review

Today we are testing a mouse that is clearly targeted at gamers with an adjustable sensitivity of maximum 16000 DPI. This mouse is called Endorfy SPC Gear Lix Wireless and can be operated via USB or charged for wireless operation. A corresponding RGB lighting and programmable buttons underline the orientation towards the mentioned target group. After the review, you can win an SPC Gear LIX Wireless RGB mouse on with a bit of luck!

MSI Immerse GH50 Review

Today on we present the MSI gaming headset Immerse GH50, which is supposed to have virtual 7.1 surround sound and a vibration system according to the manufacturer, in order to spice up the conventional sound experience. Furthermore, the RGB Mystic Light feature adds an external nuance that can be seen as an upgrade or unnecessary extra, depending on personal preference. The following pages will show whether the headset is also convincing in music playback and in the spatial representation … Continue reading MSI Immerse GH50 Review