Razer Basilisk V3 Pro Review

Not quite cheap, but a top mouse! Mice are a dime a dozen. But what exactly makes the Basilisk V3 Pro Gaming Mouse so special, what great features it offers and why a computer user blinks less, you can now find out in the following review here at OCinside.de!

Icy Dock MB111VP-B ToughArmor Review

Practical Icy Dock U.2/U.3 removable frame as PCIe card! With the U.2/U.3 NVMe PCIe removable frame from the ToughArmor series, Icy Dock impressively demonstrates how easy it can be to replace a U.2 or U.3 SSD. Among others, we test a Crucial T700 1TB M.2 PCIe 5.0 NVMe SSD with a special Icy Dock EZConvert adapter on an ASRock Z790 Riptide WiFi motherboard in this PCIe card and want to see how well it works in practice. We also give … Continue reading Icy Dock MB111VP-B ToughArmor Review

Tozo Open Buds Review

The new Tozo Open Buds are open on the ears! In the big world of small Bluetooth headphones, Tozo’s Open Buds aim to stand out with their open acoustics. In our Tozo Open Buds Earbuds test here on OCinside.de, we will see how well the implementation has succeeded in practice.

Intel Core i9-14900K Review

Intel Core i9-14900K Raptor Lake-S CPU review! In the ASRock Z790 Riptide WiFi video we have already mentioned the Raptor Lake Refresh CPUs and today we take a closer look on OCinside.de at the fastest Intel Core i9 CPU of the 14th processor generation. We test and overclock the Intel Core i9-14900K LGA1700 processor on an ASRock Z790 Refresh DDR5 motherboard and are very excited about the results.

24 Years OCinside.de Contest Winners

Ho, ho, hoo, today the lucky winners were drawn from our 24 Years OCinside.de Contest! We would like to take this opportunity to wish all our readers, editors, webmasters, news posters and of course our cooperation partners Merry Xmas and a prosperous New Year 2024! The daily Hardware News will also be published during holidays without Xmas break on OCinside.de and Hardwarespot.de and for sure we will also publish some reviews as well.

DeepCool Assassin IV Review

High-end air cooler from DeepCool! Today we are testing the new premium air cooler Assassin IV from the current DeepCool product portfolio for the latest Intel and AMD sockets, which is the direct successor to the already very successful Assassin III. The Assassin IV is supposed to combine the best cooling performance, low noise development and elegant design at a reasonable price. Our following review here on OCinside.de reveals what the air cooler is capable of and what other highlights … Continue reading DeepCool Assassin IV Review

Thermaltake SWAFAN GT12 and GT14 Review

Thermaltake fan with three swappable fan blades for high air pressure, high airflow or reverse airflow! Today we tested on OCinside.de the new Thermaltake SWAFAN GT fan in 120mm and 140mm. We show how well the Thermaltake SWAFAN GT12 and GT14 perform in the test, how they can be installed and what exactly is included in the delivery we show in the stop-motion unboxing video and in the following review.

Cooler Master Qube 500 Flatpack Review

More customizability is not possible! Today on OCinside.de we are testing the Cooler Master Qube 500 Flatpack in black, an innovative PC case that enables a modular design and offers enormous flexibility. In the following review, we show you what you can do with it.

ASRock B650E Taichi Lite AMD AM5 Motherboard Review

Today on OCinside.de we are testing the price-reduced but still top equipped ASRock B650E Taichi Lite motherboard. ASRock promises maximum features without compromises and at a lower price than the normal B650E Taichi motherboard. Whether this is true, or maybe too much has been saved somewhere, is revealed in our following test report including a video of the review!

Arctic P8 Max Review

Arctic high-performance fan! Today we are taking a look at the little brother of the P12 Max. This is the 80 mm version with the name Arctic P8 Max. In the following test report here on OCinside.de, we reveal whether it is as convincing as the Arctic P12 Max!

ASRock Z790 Riptide WiFi Motherboard Unboxing Video

We have published on OCinside.de an unboxing video in German with English subtitles of the brand-new ASRock Z790 Riptide WiFi motherboard from the Phantom Gaming series, which offers an impressive basic configuration and with the Z790 refresh is designed for the new Intel 14th Gen Raptor Lake refresh as well as for previous Intel 12/13th Gen Socket LGA1700 processors. The detailed review of the new ASRock Z790 Riptide WiFi 7 motherboard will follow soon as well.

Arctic Freezer 4U-M Review

When it comes to cooling server CPUs, you don’t necessarily have to use an OEM cooler. With the Freezer 4U-M, Arctic now presents a multi-compatible high-performance air cooler for professional workstations and servers in 4U format. The following review reveals what the 1.2 kg heavy cooler has to offer in detail.