AIO Water Cooling Conversion Tutorial

Water cooling conversion tutorial …

We have already published instructions for converting NZXT Kraken or Asetek AIO water cooling systems with pumps in the CPU cooler in our Water Cooler Guide.

For testing water cooling components such as CPU or graphics card coolers, however, it would be more practical if the basic system only consists of a pump and radiator, and so this time we have taken apart the Antec K240 AIO water cooling, as it has the perfect prerequisites for this: The pump is in the radiator.

So it’s actually quite simple: remove the CPU cooler, install new hoses, attach the quick couplings – done 🙂

How we solved this in detail is initially available as a 30-minute instruction video on our OCinside YouTube channel. Don’t forget to turn on the English subtitles.
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There is also an illustrated step by step AIO mod guide …