Antec HCG 750W Gold Power Supply Review

Today we test on the Antec High Current Gamer Gold Modular power supply with 750 Watt total power. The Antec HCG 750W 80PLUS Gold power supply is fully modular and offers a button with a very special function. In the review we will look at the cable management, power supply design, energy efficiency and of course the special feature. There is even again an interactive 360 degree view and thermal images of the power supply in this review.


Thanks for the support …

Many thanks for the support to the manufacturer Antec.

The modular Antec HCG 750 Watt power supply has a price of approx. 105 Euro (04/2018).

The Antec High Current Gamer Gold power supply series is currently available in the following versions:
Antec HCG 650W Gold from approx. 95 Euro (04/2018)
Antec HCG 750W Gold from approx. 105 Euro (04/2018)
Antec HCG 850W Gold from approx. 120 Euro (04/2018)

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The delivery of the Antec HCG 750W Gold power supply …

The Antec HCG 750W Gold comes in this stylish box.

That is contained in the delivery …

The back side already shows some features of the new Antec HCG 750W Gold power supply, which we will discuss in detail.

The side of the box show exemplary all technical data.

After opening the box we see some accessories which are often needed: conventional cable ties and Velcro cable ties.

Underneath are two pockets-one with the power supply and one with the cables.

Here you can see the complete content.

Now let us continue with the technical data and the connection options.

Antec HCG 750W Gold technical data …