Antec HCG 750W Gold Power Supply Review

Practical test …

The Antec HCG 750W Gold Series power supply has been tested on the following system:

AMD Ryzen 1600 CPU
2x 4GB Crucial Ballistix Sport DDR4-2400 RAM
ASRock X370 Taichi motherboard
MSI Radeon R9 280 graphics card
Crucial MX200 SSD
Cooler Master Testbench v1.0
Windows 10 Pro 64 Bit and Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate 64 Bit
Futuremark 3DMark

As usual, installation was simple using the 4 screws supplied.

The cables with the SATA and Molex connectors are pleasantly flat and can be laid very well.

The sleeved CPU/PCIe cables are well protected and offer a slightly lower air resistance.

The cable lengths are also sufficient to reach all important positions in most housings. The ATX cable is 610mm and the 12V motherboard connection cables are 650mm long.

The volume of the Antec HCG 750W Gold power supply is also very pleasant. Thanks to intelligent temperature control, the HA1225H12F-Z 12 Volt 7 Watt 120mm fan achieves optimum volume adjustment for the necessary cooling, was very quiet at low load or off in hybrid mode and hardly audible even at high load.

Speaking of Hybrid Mode Button – as already mentioned, Antec gives the user the choice of whether the fan should run continuously or can be deactivated at low load via the Hybrid Mode Button.

As you can see on the thermal image, the temperature remains well below 40°C at medium load. However, the heat sinks inside the power supply housing become particularly warm and the stationary fan acts as a lockout.

Only when the fan is switched on, a good circulation inside the power supply takes place again, as you can see on the following thermal image shortly after switching on the fan – via the Hybrid Mode button.

Even if the temperature does not rise too high under load, we would rather recommend general activation of the fan, as in most cases this even contributes to improving the air circulation. But this is not absolutely necessary, if you don’t like the quiet buzz, you can eliminate it.

Let us now return to the performance data. The combined total power ratings of the Antec HCG 750W Gold power supply should not exceed the following: At +3.3V and +5.0V up to 100 Watt, at +12V up to 744W Watt and the total power of all consumers may be up to 750 Watt.

The voltages could be checked very well in test operation with different loads even during external measurements and indicate a good technical implementation of the switching power supply. These are values prescribed by the manufacturer and should not be exceeded in order to avoid overloading and excessive heat generation despite multiple fuses. Speaking of overload – the power supply offers all kinds of short-circuit, overcurrent, output and input protection (OPP, OVP, UVP, OCP, OTP, NLO, SIP). However, you should avoid any errors during installation.

Furthermore, the power supply has an energy-efficient Active PFC (Power Factor Correction) to reduce reactive power, EMC interference and improve efficiency. Meanwhile, at least the significantly cheaper but also not too efficient and quite bulky passive PFC (upstream choke) is required by law. Antec has not cut costs here either and offers a power supply with 80PLUS GOLD certification, which has the .99 PFC value and is up to 92% efficient.

Own measurements of the AM4 test system resulted in an idle value of approx. 47.2 watts and a maximum value at system full load of approx. 227.0 watts. Switched off in S5 mode, the test system with the HCG 750W Gold power supply required approx. 2 watts. Further test results will be posted here in the Hardware review area.

With this tool you can calculate the electricity consumption and the electricity costs:

Interactive power consumption calculator

The voltages remained stable in idle mode (approx. 47.2 watts) and under high load (approx. 227 watts). The table below provides an overview.

Voltage measurement
voltage Idle Load
3.3 volts 3.312 V 3.310 V
5 volts 5.016 V 5.025 V
12 volts 12.091 V 12,085 V

Let us now come to the conclusion of the test report.

Antec HCG 750W Gold Result and overall impression …