Antec Kuhler H2O 1250 Review

As one of the few AIO water cooling the H2O 1250 has two water pumps and Antec also installed them in an unusual place. The water pump are sitting directly on top of the two fans on the radiator.

This has an advantage but also a disadvantage. The advantage is that you outsource the pump from the heatsink base and the weight and a little heat generation is removed. Also, thanks to the use of two pumps, the flow rate is higher than in versions with only one pump. Unfortunately, Antec didn’t use a jet-flow cooler, which would have benefited from this advantage.

The real disadvantage is that you can not change the fan on the radiator easily. If you`re not satisfied with the noise or the appearance of the frameless fans, the user shall not have many options. One could be, for example, dismantle the pumps from the fans and let them hang down to the left and right side of the radiator while attached new fans with screws on the radiator. Or you try to stick the pumps on the back of the new fans.

As with almost all AIO water cooling systems it is not possible, even with the Antec H2O 1250, to independently change the coolant or replenish. So you are forced to send the cooling to the dealer or manufacturer. Here, a small inspection opening and included or optional coolant, would be helpful.

The cooler base has an RGB LED that illuminates the stylish Antec logo, and an automatic, temperature-dependent fan control. Alternatively, the LED light can also be adjusted manually.

At the bottom, the cooler Antec H2O 1250 has a copper plate, which was already equipped with thermal paste. The bottom is protected by a plastic cap. But we would not not be OCinside, if we did not investigate further. So the thick layer of thermal paste was removed and …

The Antec cooler has, in comparison to other blocks, a relatively smooth surface. To test this, you can rub with your fingernail horizontally and vertically along the cooler ground. When there is no noise, the cooler is flat. Does it sound like scratching a record there are scratches from the CNC milling present.

At the cooler there are already mounted some cables for the USB connection, the power supply and the Mainboard fan connector. Each of the two fans has a seperate cable which can be connected to an Y-adapter and then to the cooler.

As all AIO Watercooler the Antec H2O 1250 comes fully filled to the customer. There is no clue on the Box or the cooler itself which cooling liquid is used inside. Just the text: “Secure, Eco-friendly, with corrosion protection” is printed on the box.

Antec Kühler H2O 1250 Cooler Installation …

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