Arctic Freezer 12 Review

Layout, design and features …

The Arctic Freezer 12 is essentially a standard tower/heatpipe cooler. The fan blades and the fan housing are designed to optimize flow and minimize the dead spot as much as possible.

Above is a nameplate applied, on which also the QR code is applied, which leads to the product page and the manual.

From the back you can see the mounted 92mm fan through the 45 cooling fins. The distances thus ensure a good air flow.

The fan is attached to the radiator with retaining clips and is easy to remove. Its shape is specially adapted to the Freezer 12, so it is not possible to mount other fans. There are, as previously advertised on the packaging, 4 rubber rings glued to dampen vibration. We also recognize here the flow-optimized retaining webs, of which there are only 3 pieces.

The Arctic spare part shop offers a replacement fan for just 2.99 Euro. Unfortunately, the Arctic Freezer 12 only has a single fan receptacle on one side, so push/pull placement is not possible.

The cooler base has a foil attached to protect it from scratches. For optimum heat transfer, the heatpipes have direct contact with the CPU (heat pipe direct touch).

The three 6mm heat pipes finish flat with the contact surface to the CPU and are even polished to some extent.

Arctic Freezer 12 Installation …