Arctic MX-4 vs MX-5 vs MX-6 Thermal Paste Review

The technical data of the thermal compound …

Description Thermal conductivity Viscosity Density Temperature range Electrically conductive
MX-4 n.a.* 31600 Poise 2.5 g/cm³ -50°C to +150°C no
MX-5 n.a.* 550 Poise 3.2 g/cm³ -40°C to +180°C no
MX-6 n.a.* 45000 Poise 2.6 g/cm³ -50°C to +150°C no

*Arctic deliberately does not specify thermal conductivity for its thermal pastes because many other manufacturers overstate the values. Since Arctic does not want to do the same with its products, Arctic has decided to give no information at all instead. We can only agree with the motto “Better no information than false information”. Arctic’s products are developed in Switzerland by highly trained employees and need not shy away from any comparison with a competitor. It’s not for nothing that the MX-4 thermal paste is currently the most frequently used thermal paste by the editorial team.

Arctic thermal paste layout, design and features …