Arctic MX-4 vs MX-5 vs MX-6 Thermal Paste Review

Result and general impression …

In summary, you can’t go wrong with the Arctic thermal paste, but the MX-4 and MX6 are clearly preferable. All three thermal pastes are non-conductive and can even be used at temperatures below freezing. Thus, they are suitable for all applications where thermal paste is used, whether PC, laptop, game console or electrical tinkering project.

In the large heat conductive paste comparison, the proven MX-4 paste already performed excellently and ended up only 1°C behind the test winner. In today’s test, the new MX-6 paste was able to place itself a few tenths of a degree ahead of the MX-4 paste and claim a narrow victory, but this victory is purely theoretical in nature without any practical added value. With a temperature difference of less than 0.5°C, the better MX-6 paste hardly offers a real advantage in practice.

In terms of user-friendliness, MX-4 and MX6 are also the same, since viscosity and wetting of the contact surfaces are also equivalent.

However, the MX-4 thermal paste is clearly ahead in terms of price, because it currently costs about half of the MX-6 paste on the open market. The team will certainly keep the MX-4 for a while after this test result, since it has always been a reliable companion for us in the past years and still delivers top results on modern CPUs.

However, the MX-5 paste did not convince us in the test. The poor consistency makes it difficult to use, and you have to be very careful when removing the cooler from the CPU so that you do not tear the CPU and cooler out of the socket. However, there was no reason to complain about the performance.

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