Arctic Summair and Summair Plus Review

Installation …

Installation is very simple: Plug the USB cable into the USB-C port of the Summair Plus, plug it into a free USB-A port, and you’re done. The fan can then be opened and aligned as desired.

The Summair Plus can be operated while charging and the Arctic Summair simply remains plugged in throughout.

The fan can then be switched on via the potentiometer and the speed can be regulated continuously. The fan is switched on with an audible and perceptible click, after which it starts at the lowest speed and can be steplessly increased.

No matter where you want to place the Arctic Summair, thanks to the Summair Plus rechargeable battery, you are independent of the location and you can even let it provide a pleasant air flow on the beach or on the terrace.

Since working on the terrace or in the garden will be pleasantly cool even in hot summer!

Arctic Summair and Summair Plus Practical testing …