CM Storm Alcor and CM Storm Mizar Review

Due to lack of representative mouse testing tools only a personal impression of the CM Storm mouse Mizar and CM Storm Alcor mouse is published at this point. Both mice are due to the large size comfortably to use and are gliding easily over the mousepad. Also for longer time gaming the hand will not occur fatigue or pain.

When playing, the rubberized grips of Mizar are a very usefuly feature. If you switch, using the DPI button, to select the resolution you have to lift your hand off the mouse to see what stage has been activated. It would be desirable to illuminate also the DPI buttons and / or the mouse wheel in the same color like at the CM Storm Mizar mouse.

All in all, Cooler Master has brought two more solid CM Storm mice on the market that are more oriented towards purist gamers. These gamers do not need 20 buttons or particularly futuristic designs for good gaming. All they need is a mouse with good sliding abilities, variable speeds to quickly switch between sniper and machine gun mode and a comfortable, ergonomic casing. This is exactly what the two mice CM Storm Mizar and CM Storm Alcor from Cooler Master are delivering.

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