Cooler Master CK721 Review

ARGB Lighting …

Of course, the CK721 also has a high-quality RGB lighting. All buttons are individually controllable (via the software) and can light up in the complete RGB spectrum of 16.8M colors.

The keyboard offers a total of 16 pre-installed RGB programs that can be adjusted via quick keyboard shortcuts.

Alternatively, the rotary switch in profile 3 offers control over the brightness of the lighting effects, and in profile 4 it can be used to cycle through the RGB programs and control the speed of the effects. The illumination of the buttons is very even and impressively bright.

The special functions on the front of the keyboard caps are also well illuminated.

The RGB color spectrum is reproduced very precisely and brilliantly.

If you want to see all RGB effects, you can watch the Cooler Master CK721 effects video on our YouTube Channel. The flickering is unfortunately caused by the camera and is thus not noticeable.
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Cooler Master CK721 Software …