Cooler Master CK721 Review

Practical testing …

We took the time to really test the CK721 extensively. In addition to its typical use as a gaming keyboard, the CK721 was also used extensively on a Macbook Pro for programming work and for writing longer texts on Macbook and Windows PC.

A few tests as input medium on the switch and an Android smartphone were also successful.

The TTC Red switches are very comfortable to type with thanks to their linear switching characteristics and low switching resistance. They correspond to the Cherry MX Red switches in terms of typing feel and response without restrictions.

The relatively long switching travel compared to an office keyboard is noticeable in daily use. Like all mechanical gaming keyboards, the CK721 is certainly not the first choice for writing extensive text documents. However, it is at least possible to write for a long time with it. The Red Switches do not have an acoustic and haptic click point, but they are of course still much more audible than an office keyboard.

Despite the relatively small rubber pads on the bottom surface on the keyboard stands, the CK721 stands very non-slip on the desk. This also applies to the palm rest, although it is not attached to the keyboard. The comfort of the padding is very good; even after using the keyboard for a longer period of time, there were no signs of wrist fatigue. Without the pad, the keyboard is actually quite high, it was difficult to rest the palms comfortably, and the three-position adjustable keyboard tilt only helps to a certain extent.

However, the Cooler Master CK721 made a completely convincing impression in gaming at the latest. The response time of the keys is very good in Wifi mode, there is no noticeable difference to the wired mode. The keys react very precisely and rollover or ghosting effects could not be provoked despite extensive testing.

Those who are not enthusiastic about linear switches without a haptic switching point in gaming can also purchase the Cooler Master CK721 with brown or blue switches. Unfortunately, a free exchange of the installed switches is not possible.

The removable aluminum plate is a nice extra and incredibly useful for cleaning the keyboard. The fact that some keycaps on the right side of the keyboard have to be removed for this is bearable. We are very curious about the announced replacement plates and keycaps.

The battery performance is decent. With fully activated RGB lighting and constant use, the 2000 mAh battery naturally only lasts a few hours. The stated 73h operating time without LED lighting can certainly only be achieved under optimal conditions, but in testing, the Cooler Master CK721 easily lasted a week without recharging with deactivated RGB lighting and in Bluetooth mode, and then still reported a battery level of 32 percent via the Windows control panel.

The RGB illumination of the individual keys is very well done. The color representation is very true to the RGB scheme and is evenly bright and brilliant. The backlighting of the keycaps with the second and third assignments is also well done.

While the possibilities offered by the MasterPlus+ software are very impressive, the user interface itself didn’t appeal too much. The compulsion to use full-screen mode was annoying, especially since some interfaces, such as macro programming, then seemed unnecessarily “empty”. In addition, not all Cooler Master products support the software by far. Especially for older products, additional software might have to be installed. We did not use the software effectively apart from the test.

Cooler Master CK721 Result and general impression …