Cooler Master CK721 Review

Compact gaming keyboard from Cooler Master with top finish! Today at we have a review of the new mechanical Cooler Master CK721 gaming keyboard. The CK721 is a compact ARGB keyboard in a 65 percent layout with wireless hybrid technology that comes with a lot of powerful features.

Thanks for the support …

Thanks for the support to swedeken and the manufacturer Cooler Master.

The Cooler Master CK721 Gaming Keyboard with TTC Red Linear Switches in the Space Gray color variant currently has a price of approx. 125 Euro (12/2022).

Here you can buy the Cooler Master CK721 at a reasonable price. *Ad

A sticker on the front reveals that the content is the variant with red linear switches.

The back cover once again advertises the most outstanding features of the CK721.

Scope of delivery …

The compact packaging is neatly presented in white and Cooler Master’s typical purple with glossy print. The large-format picture of the ready-to-use CK721 including palm rest on the packaging leaves no doubt about the contents.

In the package you will find:

  • the CK721 keyboard
  • the USB connection cable (USB Type C to Type A)
  • A USB C / USB A adapter (female to female)
  • A thick palm rest
  • A convenient keycap remover for easy replacement of keycaps
  • the quick start guide
  • An info sheet how to remove the aluminum plate

The quick start guide is a small-format leaflet, unfortunately with extremely small font. Fortunately, all documents can also be downloaded as a PDF from Cooler Master’s website. Besides the listing of the package contents (only in English) and diagrams on how to connect the keyboard wirelessly to the PC, it mainly contains the multilingual listing of the keyboard commands for controlling the RGB, media and macro functions, for which there is then also an English-labeled diagram.

The info sheet shows with 4 diagrams how to easily remove the brushed aluminum cover plate.

Cooler Master CK721 technical specifications …