Cooler Master MH670 Review

Layout, design and features des MH670 …

Already the first look and the first touch brings a smile to our faces. The Cooler Master MH670 is by no means a cheap headset, as thousands of them can be found on the market, which is why gaming headsets aren’t generally said to be very good in many places. The surfaces of the entire headset are completely made of anthracite-colored plastic and have a silk-matt finish, whereby the covers of the ear cups are somewhat rougher and fine glittering particles have been incorporated, which makes it look very noble. We also particularly like the continuous flowing lines and the fact that the ear cups can be turned out flat for space-saving transport.

The oval ear cups house powerful 50mm neodymium drivers and on top of them sit the perfectly fitted, extremely soft foam ear cushions, which are covered with a comfortable synthetic leather. The same applies to the padding on the inside of the headband. Both on the inside of the ear cups and on the headband there are labels for right and left.

With the MH670, all connections and controls are now located directly on the headset and not, as is often the case, on a wired remote control. On the circumference of the left earcup are the sockets for the microphone and the jack cable, as well as the volume control and the mute switch for the microphone.

The jack socket is slightly recessed in the housing, as the plug of the supplied audio cable has an integrated pull-out protection, which is activated by turning the jack plug. Attentive readers of already know this mechanism from earlier Cooler Master Headsets.

On the right earcup are the on/off switch, the Micro-USB charging jack and a status LED as well as the on/off switch for 7.1 Virtual Surround Sound.

Thanks to the height adjustment and the flexible microphone, the headphones fit small, large and blue heads well …

… as our unwilling employee impressively demonstrates.

For an even better overall view, we have again created a 360° view for the MH670 gaming headset. Have fun rotating back and forth.


The Cooler Master MH600 series in detail …

As already mentioned, the MH670 we tested is the top model of the new MH600 headset series from Cooler Master. The smallest model of the series is the MH630 and has an RRP of 59 Euro. Compared to the top model, it lacks the wireless function and does not offer virtual surround sound, but the same powerful 50mm neodymium speakers are used and the quality of workmanship is the same. The MH650 is the only one of the 3 models that offers a discreet, ring-shaped RGB lighting on the outside of the ear cups, but no wireless function and has a RRP of 79 Euro.

Software …

For fine-tuning the sound and controlling the RGB effects on the MH650, Cooler Master provides the Master Plus software free of charge. Fortunately, the intuitive application is limited to the essentials, with the first page offering the ability to adjust the levels of the speakers and microphone, and a 5-band equalizer for fine-tuning the sound. For the best possible adjustment of the sound, however, the 5 frequency ranges are not exactly lush, so we recommend rather using the equalizer integrated in Windows, as it offers a full 10 frequency ranges.

On the second page you can select the distance of the imaginary loudspeakers for the virtual 7.1 channels. This determines the reverb behavior, but you should be aware that the headset only contains 2 speakers and is only recognized as a stereo headset in Windows.

For the Cooler Master MH650 there is another page available for adjusting the RGB effects.

During the following practical testing we have of course listened very carefully …