Cooler Master Sentinel III Review

The technical data …

Manufacturer Cooler Master
Description Sentinel III SGM-6020-KLOW1
Dimensions 135 mm x 83.6 mm x 40 mm (LxWxH)
Weight leer 155 grams
incl. all weights 177.5 grams
5 x 4.5 grams weights
Color Black
Sensor Avago 3988 optical sensor
up to 6400 DPI
200 IPS (Inch per second)
Polling rate 1000 Hz/1 ms
Acceleration 50 G
Lift-Off distance < 2.1 mm
Others RGB LED lighting
five programmable profiles
USB 2.0 connection cable with 1.8 m length
eight programmable keys
2 year warranty
OLED display 32×32 Pixel
On-Board ram 512 KB
Windows 10 compatible


Cooler Master Sentinel III Layout, design and features …