Cooler Master Sentinel III Review

In today’s review, we take a look at the new flagship gaming mouse from Cooler Master, the Sentinel III. What exactly makes this mouse so special and why the days of mouse-cellphone-screen modders are probably over, we will find out in the following review.

Many thanks for the support …

Many thanks for the support to Marauder25 und Cooler Master.

The Cooler Master Sentinel III mouse has at review date a price of approx. 60 Euro.

Here you can buy the Cooler Master Sentinel III mouse. *Ad

The delivery of the Cooler Master Sentinel III …

The Sentinel III comes in the same stylish box type, like the recently tested Cooler Master Xornet II.

Thanks to the hinged lid you can indeed take a brief look at the Sentinel III, …

… but to see all details, we have to take the the CM Storm Sentinel III out of the box.

In the box is beside the gaming mouse a booklet and five 4.5 gram weights which were already inserted in the mouse. Cooler Master has definitely delivered everything to take the Sentinel III in operation. What else the mouse has to offer, we will determine later.

Here you can watch the full Sentinel III Unboxing Video from our OCinside YouTube Channel (German with English subtitles):
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Let us take a look at the technical details.